Journal Articles

Andrew Lopez, "Nonhuman Animals and Epistemic Injustice," Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2023). Journal Link  PhilPapers Link 

Letitia Meynell & Andrew Lopez, "Gendering Animals," Synthese (2021). Journal Link PhilSci Archive Link

Edited Collection Contributions

Andrew Lopez & M. Polo Camacho, "There’s Something in the Water: Algae, Eliminativism, and Our Moral Obligations to Biological Beings," in Being Algae: Transformations in Water. Brill (forthcoming). 


Kayla Aceves & Andrew Lopez, "Manuel Bolom Pale's 'Analysis of a Process: Chanubtasel-P'ijubtasel,'" Journal of Mexican Philosophy (forthcoming). 

Book Reviews

Matthew Ratcliffe's "Experiences of Depression." Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (2019). Journal Link