My research focuses broadly on ethics, political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of biology. I am currently researching and developing articles on the following topics:

  • the possibility of non-instrumental value for animal life within 'Analytic Hegelianism' (e.g., Sellars, Brandom, McDowell)

  • the place of literal (not metaphorical) nonhuman animals in Spinoza and Nietzsche's thought

  • the place of nonpropositional forms of knowledge and nonlinguistic knowers in social epistemology

  • the human/animal divide with regards to nature/culture and the social ontologies of intensely social nonhuman animals

  • Emilio Uranga's claim in Análisis del ser del mexicano that the Mexican feels compassion toward animals and plants, and the role of zozobra as an opening to the other

  • the nature of Latinx identity, and whether particular ethnic or racial identities can give a person reasons for action or give rise to prima facie moral duties

I also have research interests in:

  • process metaphysics and biology

  • disability studies and the moral and affective ecology that hinders/facilitates the moral agency of disabled individuals